Fashion Nomad Iphone App - A guide to fashion destinations for travelling fashionistas.


By Fashion Nomad

Created by former Ford fashion model & cosmetic developer, Debra Winter: Fashion Nomad App is a modern day tool which allows fashionistas, fashion enthusiasts, international travelers, designer’s, stylists and industry professionals to find the ideal shopping hotspots, as well as local designers.  It is a concise list of indie boutiques, designer flagships, vintage stores and top department stores in the major fashion cities such as New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Milan, Shanghai, San Francisco and Sydney – all organized by area so you can be ‘in the know’ when visiting a new city. Tap ‘the girl’ icon to get GPS distance and directions directly to the latest fashion boutiques and namesake designer flagships.

Once you have downloaded the New York version you will then gain access to all the other cities through Apples uniques “In-App” purchase feature.  While the Fashion Nomad will certainly point you in the direction of famous fashion label flagships it also reviews lesser known areas  and some of the innovative emerging designers. 
FashionNomad is a fashion, beauty and lifestyles consultancy integrating global trends from street to runway.





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